Virtual Realize 2020: Simplifying Hybrid IT Complexity


Simplifying Hybrid IT Complexity – Addressing IT Operations 4 Core Challenges

Thursday, July 2, 2020

During this session, we will be examining how you can measure your business service health in a hybrid environment. As many businesses move away from infrastructure level monitoring and towards a serverless compute model, we offer a new perspective on how to transform into an agile service-driven organization by addressing the four most common challenges:

  1. How to migrate, deploy, and govern cloud and on-prem workloads.
  2. How to use AIOps and analytics to bring clarity and automated monitoring and remediation.
  3. How to improve and optimize the user experience – as a consumer of IT Operations as a service.
  4. How to monitor, manage, and adapt across a distributed across your IT ecosystem, including the adoption of containers and ultimately, microservices.

We also have some videos to introduce the event and provide more detail about the session:

Micro Focus Realize 2020 UKI - ITOM Special Interest Group

How to Optimize Your Users Hybrid Cloud Application Experience

How to Easily Migrate Workloads Securely

How to Manage Your Modern Network and Achieve Full Stack Monitoring, Using AIOps


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Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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