The future of DevOps: 21 predictions for 2021


Now that DevOps has entered its second decade, the focus has expanded beyond product delivery. It's no longer just about dev and ops, but about removing the constraints between the business and its customers, with a focus on delivering not just new features and products, but also value.

So what comes next as DevOps evolves? We asked 21 DevOps pros and industry luminaries to weigh in on what to expect in the coming year—and beyond. Their predictions center on a few key themes. As companies accelerate their digital transformations, culture, leadership, and team dynamics will continue to shift; security and DevSecOps will be more critical than ever; analytics, AI, and machine learning will continue to disrupt both Dev and Ops; and organizations will tightly focus on value and value stream management. Here are their predictions.

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Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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