COBOL Analyzer 2.1 is Now Available

Micro Focus is delighted to announce the latest release of its application analysis and intelligence tooling for COBOL applications—COBOL Analyzer 2.1.

Designed for Micro Focus COBOL applications, COBOL Analyzer enables IT teams to achieve a deeper understanding of their application portfolios. Enable developers, analysts, and IT management teams to identify, prioritize, implement, and measure application change activities that align with current business needs.

Key release highlights:

  • Accelerate change requests and eliminate unexpected work by gaining earlier insight to application code change
  • Support new business cases by isolating valuable business logic into reusable components
  • Restore knowledge and subject matter expertise using easy-to-use tools to visualize application relationships, analyze data flows or create documentation
  • Store and access application repository information and artifacts using industry standard RDBMS platforms
  • Boost productivity for Visual COBOL developers by providing immediate access to code analysis information through integration with COBOL Analyzer

Next steps:

  • Download your free trial of COBOL Analyzer.


Don’t forget—there are many resources available to you on the COBOL Analyzer product page including data sheets, tutorials, sample code, and how-to-videos.

Take the next step to better understand and document your COBOL applications. Download COBOL Analyzer today.

The Micro Focus COBOL Team