Extend & AcuToWeb 10.2 Product Release Announcement

Micro Focus is delighted to announce the general availability of its ACUCOBOL-GT® solution--extend® & AcuToWeb® 10.2. These latest releases deliver additional platform support, new performance improvements for 64-bit architectures and enable developers to instantly deploy their ACU applications to web and mobile devices.

Leverage the power of new development tools, cascading style sheets and web deployment, using AcuToWeb, to deliver a modern application experience for your customers.

Release Highlights include:

  • AcuToWeb extensions
    • All remaining control properties are now supported
    • New virtual keyboard for mobile devices
    • Customization of individual graphical controls
  • AcuToWeb support on UNIX platforms – Solaris, AIX and HP-UX
  • Native Code support for Intel x64 and AMD64 processors (Windows, Linux & Solaris)
  • Faster application performance
  • Acu4GL for MSSQL on Linux platforms
  • ACU4GL for ODBC on Linux and UNIX platforms
  • New Print-To-PDF extensions

Visit the ACUCOBOL-GT product pages as well as the product datasheets for a complete list of new features within extend & AcuToWeb 10.2.

Start your application modernization journey today with extend & AcuToWeb 10.2. Contact your account manager to schedule a free product demonstration.