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Acucobol, ACUServer (extend) and max number of active users

we have a client using an ERP system built on top of Cobol. Our client have 81 active licenses, ACUServer and plans to expand this number with more users. However we seem to reached a limit. System works perfectly up to 65 users, however when user 66 connects it prompts the following message: 9D,104 Communication with server is broken. Contracting must be restarted.

Is there a magic limit at 65 for ACUServer (extend), are there any tweaks we need to look at?

Vendor suggested that the problem was resources on the server and suggested that we looked into:
104 (0x68) Cannot request exclusive semaphores at interrupt time.

However, I am unable to find anything remotely close to said message in any log file, event viewer and so on.

System is a Hyper-V Windows 2012R2, 32GB ram, 4CPU, SSD drives. Host cluster is as far as I know from HP bought mid 2018. The system is utilizing at 10-20% CPU, Memory 10-30%, disk speed negligible.

Acuserver.cfg file is according to vendor / developer configured for 90 users
 MAX-FILES         27000
 MAX-LOCKS         27000

Runtime: 10.1.1
extend version: 10.1.1 with patch1692

Our client uses Remote Desktop.

  • Good morning.

    A recent change to the Microsoft header files caused the number of client connections to be limited to 63
    concurrent connections; this has now been increased to 1023 connections.

    Pease, upgrade your AcuServer to version 10.2.1, if possible.
    This version will manage this limitation correctly.
  • In reply to Claudio.Contardi:

    Thanks for the quick response. I will contact the vendor and check if they are ready with their app to use ACUServer 10.2.1

  • In reply to Claudio.Contardi:

    I have just received a message back from the vendor. There are issues with version 10.2.1 and their app. So ATM this is a no-go.

    I am not to familiar with the term Microsoft header files, but as far as I could google, it seemed to be header file in C++ compiler that is the root cause for this limitation. Is it possible to recompile version 10.1.1 with the header file used to compile version 10.2.1 ? I might be completely of track thou.

    But thanks for enlighten me with the cause of the issue!

  • In reply to Norgooner:

    Do you know which issues your vendor is having with release 10.2.1?
    Have they reported them to the Micro Focus Customer Care team, yet?

    Please, contact (or have them contacting) Customer Care and submit your request.
    We'll check what's possible to do with version 10.1.1.

    Best Regards.
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    I am not sure what problems they have. But they have stated that they are in close contact with the devs and support in Microfocus and are currently testing out version 10.2.1.
  • In reply to Norgooner:

    You need to request a new patch to have ECN-AS163 added to your existing 10.1.1 Patch 1692. Submit that request to your vendor or to Customer Care, whichever provided Patch 1692 for you.