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Compiling for data items greater than 64k


We're trying to compile several programs written in Acucobol 4.1 with the 10.2.1 compiler. We're hitting this particular issue. Many programs are throwing

"data item exceeds 64K"

The thing is, I am trying to compile the program with the -Z41 flag set for backwards compatibility. These load modules are used by a 4.1 runtime so this is important.

10.2.1 compiles the program successfully without the -Z41 flag set.

I see that there is an additional flag that seems to address exactly the issue I am facing

-Zl     All data items may be larger than 64 KB. This option is obsolete. In versions prior to 6.0, this option caused the compiler to allow data items larger than 64 KB.

As mentioned above, the option is obsolete and the compiler is clearly ignoring the flag even when set.

Any way forward?

  • Hi,
    The -Zl option is obsolete IF you are creating object files 6.0 or newer. It still applies if you are creating older object files. Compiling with both -Z41 and -Zl should enable data items larger than 64k. I do not have version 4.1 and so my tests were done comparing compiler version 5.2.1 with 10.2.1. They behave the same with data items larger than 64k using both -Z41 and -Zl.