Introducing Database Connectors - a better bridge between COBOL & RDBMS

Micro Focus is delighted to announce a NEW set of data modernization solutions for COBOL applications—Relativity and Database Connectors. These add-on solutions to the Micro Focus COBOL portfolio enable you to unlock the value of business data—without cost and risk.

Database Connectors simplify the transition from traditional COBOL data files to relational database management systems. The new data modernization solution solves the complex challenge in modifying COBOL source code to utilize SQL syntax by automatically translating the existing data file syntax within COBOL source code into SQL instructions operating against a modern relational database. This approach delivers a bridge between RDBMS and COBOL removing any need for an application rewrite.

Database Connectors helps analysts and developers:

  • Leverage the benefits of SQL and RDBMS without significant re-engineering
  • Increase application reliability, availability, and scalability using modern RDBMS technology
  • Improve application up-time and recoverability following a system failure
  • Preserve traditional COBOL file-IO semantics for faster application reuse
  • Expand application usage while managing RDBMS infrastructure costs

For ACUCOBOL users, Micro Focus also offers a similar database connectivity solution—Acu4GL.

More information on Relativity can be found here. Additional details on Database Connectors can be found here.

For Net Express, Server Express, extend™, RM/COBOL, and Visual COBOL customers, we encourage you to learn more about these innovative solutions for COBOL data modernization. Contact your Micro Focus account manager to schedule a Value Profile Meeting and begin unlocking the value of your business data today.