Create a mobile application

Organizations without mobile capabilities – or a strategy to achieve them – are standing still. But with the right technology, even older COBOL applications have the potential to go mobile. COBOL has a long, rich history of innovation and is adding to it every day… 

Right now, COBOL is connecting more than 500,000,000 mobile customers. So the potential is there. The challenge for the developer is in bridging the gap between the existing technology and the modern capabilities required to take COBOL companies into the future. The solution to that challenge could be easier than you think. Take your data and applications – your core business logic and competitive advantage – and create something new and exciting from it. Modern tools, such as the Visual Studio and Eclipse are the launchpad for delivering new mobile services faster and the workspace for folding modern languages such as Java, Objective C and C# into current COBOL systems. 

How to create your own mobile service with our AirMiles Calculator demo


  1. Download a free copy of Visual COBOL for Visual Studio or Eclipse
  2. Download the sample code for either Visual Studio or Eclipse
  3. Watch the 'How to' video and see how our Product Manager, Scot Nielsen, builds and deploys his own application
  4. Follow the step-by-step guide to build and deploy your own Airport Project

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Don't forget to let us know how you get on, better still tweet screen captures of your successful deployments to @MicroFocus using the hashtag #COBOLrocks