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Is ARTIX 5.6.3 is available for Solaris 8 ?


When we searched for ARTIX 5.6.3 in software store then we found that there is no artix software available from vendor : MIcroFocus.

But Progress Software is proving the ARTIX  software but there is no listing for Solaris 8 platform.

We are using Solaris 8  with 64 bit platform.

Could you please tell that what is the latest version of Artix software which is available for Solaris 8.?

  • As I replied in this thread:

    We have not supported Solaris 8 since Artix 5.1. This is the latest version that supports Solaris 8, but all support on this version is on a best effort basis and no patches will be made available on this. We recommend that all customers upgrade to the latest Artix 5.6.3 to get the latest fixes and features of the product.

    Note that Micro Focus purchased the Artix product line from Progress Software in December 2012.

  • In reply to MartinMu:

    We currently have Artix Lite 5.5 installed on Solaris 8 even though your documentation doesn't include Solaris 8 as compatible with Artix 5.5 ...Is it possible to use Artix Lite 5.6.3 on Solaris 8 too?

  • In reply to Manmohit:

    We have not tested this and therefore cannot say if it will or will not work. We can say that this is an unsupported combination and we strongly recommend you upgrade your version of Solaris to a supported version or move to another supported OS.