Is ssl protocol related to the Artix jar-keytools-ssl.jar?

Could you please let us know what this artix jar does-keytools-ssl.jar?

Is it in some way related to ssl protocol?

If this jar implies that an application is using ssl protocol, what would be the alternative to disable ssl.

  • Hi Anchal,

    Please confirm which version of Artix you are running.

    The file "keytools-ssl.jar" is shipped with a number of earlier versions of Artix and relates to the Baltimore security toolkit. More information on this and other aspects of security can be found in our security guide here:

    The presence of the jar file on your system does not necessarily mean security is enabled. Please see the above guide for more information on enabling security.

    Artix 5.6.3 removed the Baltimore toolkit. In its place, we recommend the OpenSSL security toolkit, also present in Artix installations.

    What is your concern with the "keytools-ssl.jar" file?

    Thank you,
    Micro Focus SupportLine
  • In reply to Pat Morrissey:

    Hi Pat,

    Our application is using Artix version 5.5.0 & the keytools-ssl.jar is under the Baltimore security toolkit.
    We need to check whether our application is using any version of ssl(v1,v2 or v3) & hence were wondering whether it is related to this jar.

    Is there a way to check whether the application is using ssl, maybe a command or some other action?
    It would really be helpful.

  • In reply to Anchal:

    Please enable full Artix logging, the logs will show if you are using SSL or not. You can also check the address in your WSDL file and see if your service is using a HTTP or HTTPS address.