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    • 8 Aug 2017

    Make it better. Make it faster. Make it CORBA

    Make it better. Make it faster. Make it CORBA. (by John McHugh) Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. You may not recognise the names, but you most likely know them by their other name. They emerged on the music scene in 1993 (the same year...
    • 8 Oct 2014

    CORBA Products unaffected by Shellshock or GNU Bash Bug

    Recently a new computer vulnerability has been announced in the media. This is deemed critical in many corporations as it relates to the use of UNIX/Linux Operating Systems and devices. This vulnerability is referred to as Shell Shock or as the GNU BASH...
    • 23 Apr 2014

    Orbix and Artix OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability fix available

    Micro Focus have made available a set of hot fixes for the following product versions that address the OpenSSL Heartbleed issue. Please follow the links below for further information: Artix 5.6.2 Orbix 6.3.6 Orbix 3.3.12 No previous...
    • 5 Nov 2013

    Bridging integration barriers and exposing CORBA assets via Web Services – part 3

    In the last post Roland Schnir demonstrated how to generate WSDL interfaces out of CORBA IDL interfaces. In this weeks post he will demonstrate how to deploy and run the Artix and Orbix Web Services routing component, based on the WSDL files generated...
    • 15 Oct 2013

    Bridging integration barriers and exposing CORBA assets via Web Services – part 2

    Continuing our blog series (part 2), Roland Schnir takes a look at the key element of exposing a CORBA server application as a Web Service which is to map the server’s IDL interface to a Web Services contract (WSDL file), thereby enabling Web Services...
    • 30 Sep 2013

    Bridging integration barriers and exposing CORBA assets via Web Services

    I’m delighted to introduce the first post in this series where we take a look at bridging integration barriers. The series will show you very specific examples of how you can connect to different types of technologies using the various solutions...
    • 19 Aug 2013

    CORBA’s news

    This is the first update on the CORBA product portfolio. Find out about the latest customer success and FAQ resource. Do you have a question about CORBA? If so, please post it via the link in the blog. Read the blog here:
    • 9 Jul 2013


    1. What products make up the CORBA business in Micro Focus? The CORBA Business in Micro Focus consists of the following Micro Focus products: Artix, Orbacus, Orbix 3, Orbix 6, Orbix Mainframe and VisiBroker. 2. But Artix is not a CORBA product...