1. What products make up the CORBA business in Micro Focus?

The CORBA Business in Micro Focus consists of the following Micro Focus products: Artix, Orbacus, Orbix 3, Orbix 6, Orbix Mainframe and VisiBroker.


2. But Artix is not a CORBA product....

Correct, Artix is an extensible Enterprise Service Bus that can connect many different technologies, including CORBA. Due to the extremely close relationship and history the Orbix and Artix products have had, we will keep both products closely aligned going forward. For more details on Artix, please see here.


3. With 5 different CORBA products in the portfolio, does this introduce duplication and should I fear my product being deprecated in favour of another?

Absolutely not. It is very important to make this very clear - each and every product in the CORBA business are as important to us as they are to our customers. We will continue to develop, release and support new versions of each and every product in the portfolio indefinitely. We are the first to acknowledge that migrating from one CORBA product to another can be a significant investment with unknown risks, so you should remain confident that no matter what Micro Focus CORBA product you use in your organisation, it will continue to be a secure investment.


4. What are the differences between each of the CORBA different products?

Differentiating between the different CORBA products can be a tricky process due to the many nuances between the services and features on offer. However, the following is a high level overview of what each of these products are and how they appeal to different types of users. To learn more, please see the product homepages or alternatively, we can have one of our product experts contact you (contact information at bottom of page)

Orbacus is a source available ORB that appeals most to users that have the need for a lightweight CORBA solution without a number of the more enterprise level features. This product is designed to operate at high performance with a low footprint making it an ideal solution for embedding into memory constrained applications.

Orbix 3 is a BOA based ORB that users starting developing and deploying applications on in the early to mid-1990's. Many use cases only call for the use of a simple API without the complexity and flexibility of a POA based ORB, but with enterprise features and services to ensure 100% uptime.

Orbix 6, a POA based ORB supporting recent CORBA standards offers fully flexibility with an entire array of enterprise features and services. Deployed by most of our customers in some form or other, it's highly scalable, incredibly performant and very easy to manage.

Orbix Mainframe is a version of Orbix 6 that runs on z/OS on the Mainframe, enabling data and applications running on the mainframe to be exposed to the rest of the organization using CORBA technology.

VisiBroker is a long time Micro Focus POA and BOA based ORB similar in many ways to Orbix 6. It also offers enterprise level services on top of the core product to easily connect applications in tightly embedded systems right through to large scale multi-environmental backbones.

The differences between Orbix 6 and VisiBroker go a lot deeper and become apparent once you start mapping their respective features to specific needs and use cases. How each product delivers High Availability, data persistence and replication as well as system management are some of the larger differences, but the differences go deeper and are important to understand when you decide to choose an enterprise level ORB to suit your specific use case. It is for this reason that we encourage you to speak to one of our product experts who can help you determine the best match based on your individual needs.


5. Is there a published roadmap for the CORBA products?

Product Roadmaps are always evolving to match the needs of our customers as well as the CORBA and integration market. We aim to be very open about future plans and communicate clearly in respect of schedules and contents. This communication is usually done in person or through a webex discussion so it can be tailored to individual needs. Our CORBA team is always available to meet with customers to share the latest news and solicitor requests for future versions.


6. I plan on building a new CORBA application. Which product should I choose?

Again, depending on your use case, there are a number of different products to choose from. Please contact our Sales team who will work with you to understand your exact needs to ensure the solution chosen fits your needs for not just for today but whatever your future plans may be.

For any further questions or comments, please contact your local Micro Focus representative or email