Segmentation fault in _event_sleep

I'm currently using Orbix version v3.3.10. The Orbix server at some times stops listening to the Corba client request with core dump showing a segmentation fault in _event_sleep method? Is there are issuestest in the above said Orbix version? is it fixed in any of the later versions?

Segmentation fault in _event_sleep at 0xd05185c4
0xd05185c4 (_event_sleep+0x584) 80410014
_event_sleep(??, ?/, ??, ??, ??) at 0xd05185c4
_event_wait(??, ??) at 0xd0519064
0xd6b75758  IT_Condition_i::wait(IT_Mutex&,IT_ExceptionHandler&)(..)
0xd6b75678  IT_Condition::wait(IT_Mutex&,IT_ExceptionHandler&)(..)
0xd6b4d8a4  IT_NetworkThreads::follower_wait()(.)
0xd6b4ea34  IT_NetworkThreads::run(unsigned long,bool)(...)
0xd6b531c4  IT_NetworkThreads::run()()
0xd6ad723c  lsf_call_thread_body(void*)(...)

Please see the attachement for error stack (Orbix_Error2.gif)

  • What platform are you running on and what is the C++ runtime? I suspect this is due to Orbix 3.3.10 running on an unsupported platform or compiler as I would not expect any problems in a pthread_cond_wait(). This is very basic low level idle waits.

    Note that the latest version of Orbix 3.3 is 3.3.13. If you are supported I would strongly recommend upgrading to that version. It is fully binary compatible and all you need to do is drop in the libraries. No recompilation is necessary.