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orbix: no more available memory

Hi All,

I am using Orbix 3.3 in Solaris.I have written a code in C++ and inside of code, i am creating 10 threads for reading data from large file and building cache memory.All threads will run parallely. When I run my application, I am getting the below run time error after few mins.

"orbix: no more available memory..."

Any idea about this run time error?


  • It appears your application is running out of memory.

    I suggest you run some memory analysis to determine the key memory users. There are many such tools available, depending on your platform.

  • In reply to Pat Morrissey:

    Hi Pat.

    Thanks for your reply. Sure. I check with some memory analysis tool. But more memory is available in my system.

    Please see the below top command results (Before start my application) :

    load averages: 0.03, 0.02, 0.02; up 35+20:05:15 09:30:10
    72 processes: 71 sleeping, 1 on cpu
    CPU states: 99.9% idle, 0.1% user, 0.0% kernel, 0.0% iowait, 0.0% swap
    Kernel: 1368 ctxsw, 202 trap, 1418 intr, 3783 syscall, 134 flt
    Memory: 127G phys mem, 90G free mem, 8192M total swap, 8192M free swap

    Please see the below top command results (After start my application) :

    Memory: 127G phys mem, 86G free mem, 8192M total swap, 8192M free swap

    When I start my application, it takes 4 GB memory from free memory.
  • In reply to soundar:

    Thank you for raising an official support ticket with us.

    I suggest we continue our analysis via the ticket, rather than through the community's site.