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/tmp directory destination

orb_<PID>_0 files are being created in the /tmp directory.

Is there a property that I can set the change the destination of this files to another directory of my choice?



  • Hi Jorge,

    Thank you for raising this question. Which version of VisiBroker are you running and on which OS?

    Micro Focus SupportLine
  • In reply to Pat Morrissey:

    VB 8.5 SP4 on RHEL 7.3
  • In reply to Jorge.Saafigueroa:

    Thank you for the version information.

    Out of curiosity, why do you wish to change the directory for these (named pipe) files?

    It is possible to specify a new “tmp” directory with the following property:

    vbroker.orb.liop.local.tmpDir=<New TMP Directory>

    However, I would advise caution. Why do you want to do this? Perhaps there is a better solution.

    Micro Focus SupportLine
  • In reply to Pat Morrissey:


    Thank you for your quick answer.
    We had a request to investigate the possibility of eliminating all use of the /tmp directory within our application and Visisbroker pipe files is one of the last pieces to this exercise.

    What are your concerns to advise caution with the use of this property?

  • In reply to Jorge.Saafigueroa:

    Hi Jorge,

    As LIOP is based on shared memory, all CORBA processes wishing to use this approach mush have access to the TMP directory. If a CORBA process does not have access to the new TMP directory, LIOP communication will not be possible.

    Additionally, the property "vbroker.orb.liop.local.tmpDir" is applicable to VisiBroker C++ only. It does not apply to VisiBroker Java applications.

    Micro Focus SupportLine