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MinorCode of Exceptions explained

Any idea to get MinorCode of this exceptions explained? I've tried to encode Minor: 1330446344 (0x4F4D 0008) by using the the article “what-is-the-meaning-of-the-exception-minor-codes“ and the CORBA Spec but for 0008 and COMM_FAILURE I couldn’t find a description. Tomorrow 201-09-29 I’m going to trace the compiled program. (The exception occurs during orb initialization)

  • The KB you referred to explains to basic process to obtain the minor code, which you identified as 0x0008. For the COMM_FAILURE minor codes you are directed to look at the system specific error code information as provided files such as errno.h for Unix/Linux or winerror.h on Windows platforms. If this is a windows platform you may get the desired error string by calling the retrieving the string for the GetLastError() call error id like this:


    If you are on Unix/Linux you will need to try using something like strerror(int errnum) but may have to try XOR'ing first with the OMGVMCID value.

    You may also get an indication about the nature of the error code by doing and strace or truss command on Unix/Linux systems and analyze the calls preceding the error.
  • Hello Stefan,

    Please provide the full exception stack trace occurring during the ORB initialization. Is this occurring while trying to initialize a VisiBroker ORB? If yes, please enable VisiBroker debug logging and attach the full log.