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New Series: License Error Codes

VisiBroker and the additional components need licenses properly installed and configured. The setup can be non-trivial, especially for large deployments, different license types and migration scenarios of legacy applications. Any problems with the setup can result in license warnings or errors, expressed by an error code with a short description.

The License Error Codes series provides an overview of common error codes reported in your deployments. Over the next weeks we will add brief descriptions and more detailed articles to each error code. The articles explain the error codes further together with common scenarios and their resolution.

While you can always get assistance through your support contract, I hope this additional content will help you to solve license issues faster.

  • This weeks update includes the error codes 1020 and 1021. Together with the 1017 from last week they cover a cluster of errors you can get with TRIAL, TERM or DEV licenses.

    Due to public holidays there will most likely be no update next week, but a larger update in the following week.

  • Today we published the articles for the error codes 1011, 1019, 1022, 1023, 1031.

    For each update we review existing articles and a large amount of past support cases for each error code. The information we publish here should cover most of the common scenarios you may encounter. Let us know if you encounter any other scenarios and we will keep this information updated.

  • In reply to IngoBrettel:

    It is a while since the last update. Today I published all remaining error codes 1000, 1005, 1024, 1025 and 2000.

    The main part of the article series is now complete, updates or additional helpful articles may follow