Micro Focus Enterprise 3.0 is here!

We are delighted to announce the latest release of our mainframe solution for application development, testing, deployment and modernization—Enterprise 3.0.  This release includes Enterprise Developer, Enterprise Test Server, Enterprise Server and Enterprise Server for .NET.

Key features in the release include:

  • Stronger access control for business critical systems on Enterprise Server through enhanced authentication and auditability—including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) support
  • Faster, more efficient development and testing of mainframe applications including new smart editing and debugging tools for PL/I
  • Data Integrity for high volume critical systems through High Availability (HA) support for VSAM 
  • Simplified production data management through advanced and secure record editing tools
  • New run-time diagnostics tools including patented reversible debugging aids for RHEL Intel systems
  • Updates for the latest releases of supported operating systems and industry standard IDEs
  • Over 100 customer driven enhancements and performance improvements

Micro Focus is hosting a launch webinar on Thursday, July 27th.  Join us for a closer look at this latest technology and how it can help you transform your core business asset--the mainframe.

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar.

--The Enterprise product team