I have to create a citrix server with Enterprise Developer that connects about 40 users at the same time,

why are all these versions of Enterprise Developer, Eclipse, Visual studio (2013-2015-2017)?
which version to install?
based on what should I choose?


thanks bye

  • I only have experience with ED-Eclipse installed in a Citrix environment. It is not an easy task. If you use Remote Systems while working with ED Eclipse, note that there are hard-coded references to machine name within the RSE profiles buried deep within the Eclipse workspace. These must be modified when a workspace is launched on a new Citrix machine or the workspace will fail.

    The actual launch can also create issues, depending on how permissions are defined to the C: drive on your Citrix image. We found that Eclipse needed to write to certain files that it couldn't obtain permission to. We had to work out the permissions element by element with our Systems Administrator in a tight security environment.

    Test the launch and some workspaces thoroughly before your rollout so you know all of the issues and can address then during testing. It's not the sort of thing you want to test in production.

    At the site I was on where we used Citrix and ED, we supported 250 ED users with 40 physical servers allowing 8 users per Citrix server. We wrote an external launch tool that queried the last used machine name for a user prior to launch. If the current machine was different, we programmatically altered the RSE profiles in the selected workspace, stored the current machine name as the last used, then performed the launch.

    Good luck.

    Visual Studio might be easier.
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    I will try visual studio ...
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    If I scared you off Eclipse for Citrix, then I did my job :)
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