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Menu item detection

Hi All, 


I am looking a way to detect some one clicked on menu item.

Right when user click on menu and press Enter key Rumba open up menu item. At the same time i query for the cursor position so that I can retrieve Menu name.

When user press enter button rumba gives me previous cursor position. Some time I am getting first sub menu item text as when Menu item opens up default cursor point is placed on the first sub menu item.

Need urgent help and guidance.


  • Hi Raman,

    It sounds like you are not giving the host a chance to deliver the updated screen before you try to read both it and the cursor location. When a user presses and Aid key such as <Enter>, screen data is sent to the host and the host has to respond and clear the x clock on the operator information area, to indicate that the screen is ready for input, i.e. it has been updated and the cursor has been located at the relevant cursor location.

  • In reply to TomFitz:

    Hello TomFitz,

    Thanks a lot for you reply.

    On every key press i am approaching to Rumba emulator for data.
    Can you provide c# code sample for the same. How to wait and check for the scree is ready.

  • In reply to raman:


    there are three RDL functions that help in host syncronization.

    - RDL_ChangeHostScreen

    - RDL_CheckSessionStatus

    - RDL_GetPSArea

    please check attached pdf explaning Host synchronization in EHLLAPI


  • In reply to @ndre:

    Hello Andre,

    You mean I can use above three function directly ?

    Or I need to write code as suggested in HostSynchnization-EHLLAPI.pdf and call couple of API calls.