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Read Table header from field position

Hi All, 


I want to read column header.


Following is the scenario in one screen I can see selection option like as below 




My cursor position is at Region Type 1.DLI


How to understand its part of Region Type and I selected option 1 or 2.


Please help.


Right now what I am doing is to retrieve Previous field and I get Field Label. But in this case my data is wrong.


  • Hi Raman,

    Don't you have anywhere in the screen some kind of screen identification?
    I would expect your app to have a screen ID similar to S001 , S003 top left of the screen or elsewhere

    Assuming so you can write your own data manipulation code for a specific screen
    Hope this helps
  • In reply to AdiA:

    Hey AdiA,

    We have no specific pre decided screen. On the fly my code module reads screen data.

    Do you know any APIs that reads formatted screen data so that I can read format and decide that this location on the screen is part of table.

    Do you know any type of pre-written software that reads and provide data for on request ?
  • In reply to raman:

    In Rumba 9.5.1 there is support for VBA which is very simple to integrate
    There are methods like:
    String GetScreenText(Integer Row, Integer Column, Integer Length)
    Retrieves current screen text of Length from the specified Row and Column position (1 based).

    and Events like
    Void OnActionKeyPressed(String key)
    Void OnCursorPositionChange(Integer row, Integer column)

    I don't know what exactly you are after and with which API you prefer to use (HLLAPI, VBA, COM) but for sure the VBA will be the easiest one