Why should I publish my apps in the Micro Focus marketplace?

There are a few reasons to publish your apps in the Micro Focus marketplace which we will cover below.

1. Paid apps.  The Micro Focus marketplace is filled with free apps, but supports paid apps as well.  Whether you are an independent developer, TAP partner, or a premium tier partner, you can collect payment for your published apps.

2. Leads for your business.  Many partners have Micro Focus product add-ons which are unsuitable for purchasing in the Micro Focus marketplace because they either can't be purchased by credit card or require bundled services to install.  For these offerings, you can add your marketing information to the app and list your app as "free" but then link the "Get it" button to a form page on your corporate website.  Users discover your offering on the Micro Focus marketplace and then click thru to your site when they're ready.

3. Market awareness.  If you are just starting off the Micro Focus marketplace is a great place to showcase your offering.  You can post multiple screen captures and host your app as free until you are ready to make it a paid app.  The marketplace dashboard allows you to see views and downloads of your app, and you also get an email notification when your app is downloaded so you can determine how much demand there is for your offering.

So if you have an app or add-on for a Micro Focus product, there really is no reason not to publish it to the marketplace.  It's quick, free, gets you market awareness, and can help grow your business or add a new revenue stream.  Ready to get started?  Visit the marketplace for your offering and sign up to get started.