How can a Partner add or edit our Micro Focus Marketplace Partner page?

The ITOM Marketplace has a dedicated partner page, linked in the header.  But as a partner, how can I add my company to this page?  Or how can I edit my partner information?

First, you need to be a Micro Focus Standard or higher partner to have your company added to the page.  To do this, visit and apply to become a Micro Focus partner.  If you have already completed this, continue to the next section.

Next, you will need to provide the ITOM Marketplace admins details about your partner page.  Here are the fields we need provided:

Partner name



  • File size limit: 10 MB. Allowed file types: png gif jpg.
  • Image must be between 600x400 and 2400x2400 pixels.


  • This is the primary email you want inquiries to come to, can be a distribution list as well.

Partner description

  • 1,024 characters or less.


  • Add the ITOM Marketplace categories and sub-categories you appear in

Featured title

Featured body text

  • 10,000 characters or less
  • Link any YouTube videos you would like shown on your partner page.


  • E.g. Healthcare, Financial services. Separate each entry by comma.
  • E.g. Americas, EMEA. Separate each entry by comma.

Partner Apps

  • Provide the app(s) you would like featured on your Micro Focus Marketplace partner page.


Once this is complete, use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the ITOM Marketplace pages to contact the ITOM Marketplace admins with your request.  We will contact you by email so that you can send us the company logo as an attachment, or to sort out other details before publishing your partner page.

To request edits to your partner page, follow the same procedure and use the "Contact Us" link.

  • Thank you Chris for detailed information.

    I only have one concern: Last statement where "contact us" link is the way to do an partner page update, gets me to the page where I can submit questions on Billing or becoming developer.

    Looking further it navigates me to area where I found your post.

    So basically I am in a loop. As I do not want to detail what changes to be made as part of a post.


    So Is there an email address for this things or is there a web-form I can use or ...?

    ( It is possible that I overlooked or miss-understood some info )


    Kind regards, Tomaz Patru


  • Hi Tomaz,

    Thanks for the question, and in short, please use the "contact us" link since this is a Partner request, and you are acting as a developer with an inquiry.

    We will update the experience to reflect Partners are also welcome to submit inquiries.  We were receiving a lot of spam and support requests through the "contact us" form so we had to change the experience to reduce submissions.