How do I use the Marketplace API?

The Marketplace API is available for internal Micro Focus employees only.

Please login to see Marketplace admin articles and then you can access the link to the API from this admin article here:


For information additional information related to to the Marketplace API, please contact Chris Thompson or the Unified Marketplace team, Micro Focus Digital CoE

  • Hi Chris,

    I am new to MicroFocus trying to answer myself basic questions like "Is there a step by step guide how to create an application package in MicroFocus (ITOM) that could be uploaded to the Marketplace?". I can see there are applications from partners in the Marketplace so there must be a way. Is it documented for a beginner to be able to create and upload his/her first application?


  • Hi Radoslav,

    Your best bet would be to download and follow the Marketplace developer guide which is available on this Marketplace community page here:


    I hope this is helpful.