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OBM 2020.05=Is there a way to introduce a de-assign (or disown) action for events?

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11 months ago

Hi all,

any customer that is migrating from OML directly to OBM 2020.05, wants to continue working in a similar way, specially H24 Control Rooms operators, on managing the events in the Browser.

On OML an operator is used to "Own" and "Disown" an event with a simple mouse click.

Whereas, with OBM, one has to explode event details and then de-assign o re-assign it to another group/operator and then save, so that multiply by 4 the mouse clicks to be done to execute similar operations.

Is it possible to have an "Auto-deassign" (similar  to OML "Disown")function available directly by Context Menu pointing on the needed event(s) ?

See images for any clarifications.


Thanks for voting!

Maurizio FalvinoOBM Assign-deassign.pngDisown.png




App feedback
  • Right-click on event in event browser or event perspective and choose the circular icon that has three horizontal dots in it, that indicates work on when you hover over it and you will own that event. Or, right click and use the Assignment options to assign the event to anyone you wish.