Simple but impactful benefits of HPE PPM 9.40

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If you have been keeping up with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and our Project and Portfolio Management software you know version 9.40 was released late September. You also know that the greatest amount of change occured in the Program Management area. However, many other useful changes were provided in this release.

Previously I wrote a  blog article introducing the new User Management Console so that will not be covered again here. The same is true for the updated features for the HPE PPM and HPE Agile Manager integration. Here are some of the more minor enhancements that will speed up and improve your user experience with HPE PPM.

Please refer to the PPM 9.40 What's New documentation for complete information on new features, enhancements and certifications.

Resource Management

HPE PPM 9.40 Resource Finder enhancements

  • When assigning a named resource using the resource finder you can now commit the resource. In the past, you could only soft book the resource. This enables one click resource assignments.
  • When assigning more than one resource to project, starting with PPM version 9.32.003, you can select to assign demand equally across the multiple assigned resources.
  • When forwarding a resource request to a different resource pool manager, you can check resource availability in the other resource pool before forwarding the request. This helps make sure you are forwarding the request to a pool that can accomodate the request.
  • When assigning named resources via the resource finder there is now a "Check All" button so all listed resources can be selected with a single click.
  • You now have the ability to filter a staffing profile by unmet demand and over-allocation


Setting for enabling Workbench access over HTTP

  • Enabling the PPM Workbench to communicate over HTTP/HTTPS. Providing this allows you to eliminate a protocol on the network that firewall and network protocol administrators have concerns with.  Enabling the Workbench to communicate over HTTP/HTPS is configured in the server.conf file or using the Server Administration Console. Additional documentation can be found in the PPM 9.40 What's New and the PPM 9.40 Installation and Administration manuals.

Let us know what you think of these changes and what other usability changes you would like to see. In particular, I would love to hear things you have not submitted as enhancement requests. Previously submitted requests are already on file with product management and research and development to be addressed.