Certification Evolution within HP Software Education – Enterprise Security Products

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Co-Authors Joel E. Natt, CISSP CRISC & Dr. James Borderick


We have all heard the phrase “In the beginning…” even HP Software Education had that as we began, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise will have that too in the coming months.  Changes are not simply confined to individual division or organizations.   Change affects other systems, or other ‘organisms’ within the same ecosphere of the environment. If we presume that HP Software Education organization is one organism within the ecosphere of HP Software then the success of one is the combined effort between all. One aspect of the software education organism, serves to validate customer and partner skillsets and achievements, through the use of a certification program.


The certification program serves not only as a method to gauge and validate your knowledge of HP software products. It must also take into account continuous feedback and continual service improvement methodologies, as the organism builds a certification program, which validates the knowledge and prowess of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within the HP software environment.  To continue our innovation and adaptability to a changing ‘ecosystem’ ensuring our successful evolution, we require valuable feedback from our community of professionals that we serve and support. This means that you must help us to be successful yielding new and better adapted traits to survive in the ‘ecosystem’ in the coming year.


As HP Software Education examines the last two-years, and specifically our Enterprise Security Products offerings, we see the great accomplishments that where introduced:


  • Four new HP Accredited System Engineer (ASE) level practicum exams focused in ArcSight and Fortify products.
  • Several HP Accredited Technical Professional (ATP) level exams.

Clearly, these growth strategies present our willingness to change, evolve and grow to benefit our audience "YOU". Our growth and development is influenced and affected by you, the HP Enterprise Security Products user community, we listen to what you desire. To grow further, we request your help and that of others whom actively use, or rely on, our products and training to become SMEs.


August sees HP Enterprise Security Products preparing for the annual HP Protect Conference. It also marks the start of 90 days of planning for the start of the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise organization, which is effective from November 1, 2015. To help better prepare, HP Software Education is conducting surveys to gauge what our customers, partners and peers would like to see within the certification programs. We hope these surveys will help to shape the future of the HP Software Education certification program. Thus, please take a moment to complete the survey here, and subsequently watch for exciting news and changes that will come from your input and thoughts, which will allow us as a ‘Software Organism’ to thrive, grow, adapt and evolve successfully within the ‘IT Biosphere.’