Reject Reason Mandatory in SM9.41

Hi Experts,

In SM 9.41 , We have configured approval on SD level . On Denying the request the reject reason (not rejection comment) drop down is not mandatory, I checked in the OOTB system the behavior is same. 

Any suggestion. 



  • Dear Experts, we are trying to find out from where the validation is placed to check mandatory comments while denying the SD/CR tickets using Approval.

    We had checked the form/process but not able to see from where the mandatory rule/FC is being called.

    Kindly your support to find out as we want to make Reject reason also Mandaotry along with comment on Deneial of the ticket

    I know its OOB feature in 9.6 version however our version is 9.41 and its not working in same.