headless opperation of Fortify SCA v20.2.0 for Linux

hi there, 

Any hints on headless opperation of Fortify SCA v20.2.0 for Linux?


We are running it on a headless Linux build server with an X windows export to my Linux desktop (in the same building). I can launch the Fortify Audit: Workbench and navigate the results, examine each issue, view source code, generate reports - all very nice and probably similar to what you see on Windows.


But when trying to do the same thing remotely (view the results offsite) it doesn't work so well, I think X windows is not keen on big distances. The most obvious alternative to that would be a web front end, like Coverity and BlackDuck, where the results can be viewed using a web browser pointing at the results file. So I think we are interested to know if Fortify's "Audit: Workbench" comes in a web front end format for use with a browser, or if they only support desktop versions.