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Marketplace Download Help

As of August 2019, only Access Manager accounts with correctly configured group entitlements can download entitled apps.  If you are a new user trying to download an entitled app, make sure you:

  1. Login using an Access Manager account.  If you need to create a new account or aren't sure what account you have, review the Marketplace login help article.
  2. Request entitlements.  Now that you have the right account, you need to associate your contact and product purchase(s) with the account.  Go to the My Entitlements section of MySupport and use Add a contract to my profile at the bottom.
  3. Confirm entitlements have been added.  Go to the My Entitlements section of MySupport.  You will see new contracts under your profile once they have been added.
  4. Navigate back to Marketplace and download entitled apps related to your contact(s) and Micro Focus product(s).

Frequently asked Questions:

What is an entitled app?  Entitled apps are free, but also require that you've purchased the appropriate product family related to the entitled app.  Here is an example of an entitled app.

Why are some apps protected by entitlements?  Some apps, add ons, and drivers hosted on Marketplace contain Micro Focus intellectual property.  To protect Micro Focus intellectual property, additional confirmation is required you have purchased the corresponding Micro Focus product and are current with Micro Focus support.

How can I tell if I have the correct account type to download an entitled app? If you see a greyed out Download button as shown below, and you see the Wrong account type message, make sure you are trying to download using an Access Manager type account with the correct entitlements.

I am logged in with an Access Manager account with the correct entitlements but I still see a greyed out Download button, now what?  These are the other reasons you still may not be able to download:

  1. It's possible you are still logged in with a Control Tower account on a different tab or window.  Logout of any Control Tower sessions and close all Control Tower tabs and windows to prevent this from happening.
  2. It's possible you are trying to download an app not related to your product purchases.  If you believe you should still be able to download the app in question, open a case with MySupport and they can confirm what app(s) you have access to.
  3. It's possible not all contracts have been associated with your Access Manager account yet.  Go to the My Entitlements section and double check your contracts or re-request contracts as needed.
  4. It's possible you have added legacy Micro Focus contract(s) to your account which work for Support, but will not provision the groups needed for certain Marketplace downloads.  Make sure you have added at least one contract starting with the letter "A" to ensure your Marketplace groups are provisioned correctly.
  5. If you purchased your Micro Focus software from a Third Party Reseller, you will not be able to download entitled apps from Marketplace.  Third Party Resellers can provide a Client Access Key (CAK) to end users to browse Micro Focus knowledge resources, but this will not work to access entitled apps from Marketplace.  Instead, ask your Third Party Reseller to download the entitled app(s) needed and provide them to you offline.