Idea ID: 2872355

Add the link to the applicable part of the Marketplace in the emails announcing the new release of the item in question

Status: Under Consideration

It would be really nice to have the link to the Marketplace in the emails notifying us of the new contents.   

As is I have to go hunting for it, but at least once I got it I made sure the link was stashed where it would be useful for myself and my clients on their respective internal admin pages I build for them (ex. )

It would be so easy to just put the direct Marketplace link to the product/area in the email, rather than forcing us to have to find the Marketplace and then browse to the product.

Most of us consuming Marketplace content don't live there all the time, and having to hunt only frustrates us when it would be so easy to make it easy for all of us


Andy of in Toronto
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