Welcome to "Over the Back Fence"

This is a place for you to talk about other things besides our products.  Kind of like talking to a neighbor over the back fence.   Select one of the forums to start and/or participate in discussions.   We currently have two discussion forums and an idea submission/voting page:

  • Community Feedback
    • This is the place to give feedback about our community.  Report problems with the community software or give us feedback regarding any aspect of the community.  We're listening.
  • General Chat
    • This is really for any type of discussion you don't find a place for anywhere else in the community.  Please no religious or political discussions or anything that can offend (that's the last thing we want!).  Have a good joke?  Want to talk about non-Micro Focus products?  You decide the topic.  
  • Suggestions / Ideas
    • This is a submission and voting system for ideas for our community.  Submit and track the progress of your idea.  Vote on other ideas.  It will let us know what you, the Micro Focus customer, want in our community. 
  • PRIVATE: Knowledge Partners
    • A private group reserved for Micro Focus Knowledge Partners and Employees.