Any other COBOL hobbyists out there?

At age 65 I'm "retired" in the sense that I'm not actively looking for a contract at the present time.  But I haven't ruled out getting back into the fray if the right opportunity should come along.

In the meantime I'm looking to keep my COBOL skills functional.  

Is there anyone else out there in a similar position who might be interested in comparing notes?

Does anyone know of an open-source project using COBOL as a development language (or related to COBOL in some other way perhaps) that is looking for help?


  • This is kind of old (2015) and I don't know if any of these are still active, but:

    And here's what's on Github:


  • In reply to kgroneman:

    Thanks! Very useful links. GnuCOBOL (open source COBOL compiler) in particular is still active and looks very interesting.

    I'll be taking a closer look at it - particularly since it appears that the Personal Edition EULA precludes the use of MicroFocus COBOL in an open-source project.

    I'm also looking for a less restrictive alternative compiler that targets .NET.

    If you are interested at all in what I find out, feel free to get in touch and I'll keep you posted.

  • I am working in a position that should wrap up within a month or so and will look at getting a compiler at home after that. While not quite a "hobby", I have enjoyed creating programs that generate COBOL code for an ad hoc report or csv files for creating a spreadsheet.
  • Considered myself "hobbyist" as well.... though I would define it further as a "passion".

    Developing my Cobol codes nowadays to be used as API-type applications that can be invoke (or called) using Classic ASP and PHP. So eventually my Cobol codes are sending data (information) coming from a request/s from websites (http/https) and even mobile devices (Android and IOS). It is fun doing it in these new environments. Cobol applications are fast working at the back-end.... and you can generate your "own" database profiles without using the "expensive RDBMSes".

    Just my opinion.