Running Unified Functional Testing tests in Performance Center/LoadRunner

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    Micro FocusRegistered Unified Functional Testing (UFT) enables you to create complex tests that examine the full spectrum of your application's functionality and API.


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    Silk Performer - Functional Tests for Load Testing

    n this Silk Performer video we will show you how you can use your functional tests for load testing. First, we’re going to discuss the benefits of a combined functional and load testing strategy using Silk solutions. And then we’ll demonstrate, based…

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    Functional Tests for Load Testing

    The trend to more frequent and shorter release cycles in the software industry also results in tighter time frames for all your testing efforts (see the diagram below). One way to save time and make use of synergies is to reuse your existing functional…

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    Functional tests for load testing

    This blog entry describes how you can reuse your functional keyword-driven tests with Silk Performer to perform load testing.

    Maintaining application quality can be challenging when browser versions are updated every few weeks and development teams expect…

    by Basilios Will
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    Passing data from service test to functional test

    Can you supply worked out examples of an easy way to pass data from service test  to functional test in the same test flow?  It seems that the Service Test part (using C#) and the Functional Test part (using VBScript) do not make this easy. Passing data…

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    Please add support for Web services testing related (Functional testing of Web services)

    Please add support for Web services testing related (Functional testing of Web services)

    Silk test does not support for Web services testing related things.

    Please add this feature in Silk Test ASAP.

    Note: I oberved that a lot of tools are supported …

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    Requirements for Functional Quality Center testing and LoadRunner testing


    Our Team is  in Process of installation of QC and Load Runner for our Project 


    Can you please suggest /review  our requirement and tell us if any key functional requirement is missing from our list for functional QC testing and Load Runner Testing


    we would…

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    record and replay traps for load testing or functional testing

    hi all,

    issue seems to be easy: for load testing I'd like to record traps for a period of time and replay that set after.

    Recording can be done by tcpdump on trap receiving box - fine.

    replay can be done by tcpreplay - I THOUGHT- I cannot get it to work…

    by Andreas Poehlmann
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    RE: You cannot use the current test. A Unified Functional Testing license is needed.

    We are also facing same issue while trying to run UFT scripts via ALM. Tried running the scripts multiple times. Here are the different errors I got.

    1) Unified Functional Testing error: Unable to open the business component in the testing tool.

    Error from…

    by SanjeevAgarwal
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    Unified Functional Testing error: Unable to Close testing tool

    All Windows environment
    ALM 12.01
    UFT 12.01

    We have JUST yesterday upgraded from ALM 11/QTP 11 to ALM 12.01/UFT12.01 set up. All out scrtips and scenarios were upgraded and migrated successfully.
    In our automation scenarios we use UFT12.01 as well as SAP…

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