What's New in 11.4.13

Support for Windows 10

This release introduces support for Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro in 32-bit and 64-bit.

Support for Office 2016

This release introduces support for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016.


Fixed RPI 1103608: Issue When Inserting Objects That Are Macro-Enabled

Macro-enabled objects can now be inserted into requirements.

Fixed RPI 1088120: History Does Not Show Text Change When Combined with Unmapping

History now shows all changes.


Fixed RPI 1095346: Visualize Missing Content-Type Header

Visualize now provide content-type header in the HTTP response, preventing content sniffing mismatch failure.


Display Rally Delivery Status Details in Traceability

Review now provides the ability to view Rally delivery status details from within Traceability. You must first create a Rally trace for a requirement in Caliber Author's Delivery Status tab. Open Review and navigate to the requirement and the trace. If you press the Ctrl key and click on the Rally trace, a dialog appears, showing the detail of the Rally story. Alternatively, if you only click the Rally trace, a new browser window opens, taking you directly to the Rally Story.

Fixed RPI 1102854: Table Lines Not Displayed in Caliber Review

Table lines now display in Review.

Document Factory

Fixed RPI 608169: All History of a Requirement is Displayed for a Baselined Requirement

History no longer incorrectly displays the full history including history entries that are not part of the baseline.


Fixed RPI 617616: Shared memory segment table is full

Use Versant tuning parameters to correct this issue. See Versant Tuning Parameters Technical Note.