Created On:  06 November 2012


When running datamart you might see the following error appear in the command prompt window:

FATAL ERROR: Cannot open connection with SQL server, connection string.

COM error code:800a0e7a

Description:Unknown error 0X800A0E7A

Source: ADODB.Connection

Description: Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed


The new datamart extractors found in the later CaliberRM2008SP1 patches and Caliber10/11 use the SQL native client driver. This error message appears if the user doesn’t have the native client SQL driver and dlls installed or is using the SQLsrv32.dll instead of SQLNCL10.dll.


You can download SQL Server 2008 Native Client here:


You can download SQL Server 2005 Native Client from here:

Incident #2597946