Created On:  12 January 2011


How do you generate a report showing the usage of the BLS licenses for CaliberRM?


 The following method can be used to generate a report on Belise license usage. To enable the reporting capability in BLS please follow the steps below:

1. Edit the file in the $BLS_HOME$/conf directory
2. Set the property reportLogsEnabled to true (by default this property is set to false) as this will enable report logging.

To export the report logs use the steps below:

1. Open command prompt
2. Browse to $BLS_HOME$/bin directory
3. Type: belise cmd exportLogs –dir “specify a directory” (-csv | -xml | -db) (-purge)
4. Using the above options specify the format that you would like to save the logs as

When you check the export directory, it will contain numerous .csv files. These can be consolidated to 1 xls file called Borland_reporting_logs.xls. To do this:

1. Open command prompt
2. Browse to $BLS_HOME$/bin directory
3. Type: csvConvert (enter location of csv files)
4. You will now have a Borland_reporting_logs.xls file

To check the Caliber connection information please open the Borland_reporting_logs.xls in Microsoft Excel. Each .csv file has now been imported into a separate Excel spreadsheet. The most useful spreadsheets are lm_pool_entry and lm_entry_instance. These allow you to view user activity including login and logout times.
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