Caliber 11 supports the Agile web service Rally.
To enable the Rally integration follow these steps:

1. Open the CaliberRM Administrator
2. From the project list choose the required project and select the External Traceability tab.
3. Select Rally from the list of available integrations and add it to the Enabled section.
4. Once added, select Rally > Edit > Modify. Enter the full URL for your instance of Rally. Save the changes.
5. Launch the Caliber 11.X Author and choose the integrated project.
6. There should now be a Delivery Status tab, select this.
7. You will be prompted to log into Rally. Once you have done this you will be able to create traces to stories within Rally.

There are limitations currently with the workspaces available when using the delivery tab in Caliber Author.
Only the top workspace will be available and can be viewed. 
For full access to all workspaces, you can follow the guide for integrating Caliber and Rally via Borland Connect.
Help on this can be found at the following article:
Old KB# 36333