Created On:  04 April 2011


When logging into CaliberRDM the following error message is reported:

"Status: Got SQL exception, please check the database and the connection."


This can occur when CaliberRDM is integrated with CaliberRM Server installed on another machine. This issue is due to the CaliberRM SDK being unavailable.
During the installation of CaliberRDM when integrating with CaliberRM certain MPX libraries that only ship with CaliberRM are copied over to the CaliberRDM/lib directory.  
If CaliberRM/SDK is not present on the same machine during the RDM installation then these files will not get copied thus causing the issue. If you look in the log after the RDM service has started you should see reference to "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/smartsockets/TipcProcessCb" which means the libraries are missing.

In order to resolve this:

1.  Uninstall CaliberRDM.
2.  Install the Caliber 2008 SP1 SDK.
3.  Install CaliberRDM.

If the problems continue zip up the logs and contact the support team.
Incident #2509901