Created On:  23 September 2011


After the CaliberRDM installation has completed, the service will not start and the Jakarta log shows the error 'Could not reserve enough space for object heap'.


CRDM stores objects of projects data in memory (heap). That means the more projects you have, the larger the heap CaliberRDM needs.  CRDM will get “out of memory error” if the heap is not large enough to store the project data objects. We suggest you use the default 1024 or larger for a real production installation however if there are certain RAM limitations on the machine or other applications and memory intensive then you can start CRDM with a lower amount of heap space. You can use the 10 steps to modify the heap size based on your machine and the amount of your potential projects data. In general however larger heap will improve performance.
1. Open the Windows Services dialog

2. Stop CaliberRDM Server service if running

3. Run a command line and browse to C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\CaliberRDM\bin

4. Remove the service named 'CaliberRDM' by typing service.bat tomcat6 //DS//CaliberRDM (hit enter)

5. Refresh the Windows Services dialog to make sure you do not see CaliberRDM service 

6. Back up service.bat in bin dir

7. Edit service.bat in bin dir and look for "--JvmMs".

8. You will see a default entry showing "--JvmMs 1024  --JvmMx 1024"

9. Change this to "--JvmMs 64  --JvmMx 64"

10. Install the service named 'CaliberRDM' by typing: service.bat install (note this may install the service under the name Apache Tomcat CaliberRDM) 

11. Refresh the Services window to make sure you see CaliberRDM service (may require you to close and re-open the services dialog)

12.Start CaliberRDM Server service
Incident #2537094