Created On:  15 July 2010


After upgrading to or installing CaliberRM 2008SP1, users are unable to trace to different file revisions when tracing to or from StarTeam items.  Why are users unable to trace to or from StarTeam items after upgrading to CaliberRM 2008SP1?


To resolve this issue, the user should

  1. Navigate to the vendorconfig folder "C:\Borland\CaliberRMServer\Vendorconfig"
  2. Open the StarTeamAddIn.INI file

This file contains configuration options for StarTeam settings in Caliber. The "ByRevision" option, which will equal 0 if you are experiencing this issue

Change the "ByRevision" option so that it equals 1 (see image below).

This option can also be modified through the Caliber Administrator
  1. Selecting the Project view
  2. Choosing the project that has StarTeam external traceability enabled
  3. Select the External Traceability tab
  4. Select the StarTeam integration)

  5. Click EDIT, which will bring up the integration window
  6. Click MODIFY, which will bring up the StarTeam configuration file

  7. Change ByRevision = 1

Incident #2436729