Created On:  04 May 2011


How do you change the password for the default SQL user account for CaliberRDM?


This procedure will allow you to change the password for the default SQL user account that is used in the connection between CaliberRDM and the SQL database. Before following this procedure please make sure that you have backups of the SQL database and if necessary CaliberRM.

1. Before changing the password it is necessary to stop the CaliberRDM service.

2. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Open a new query window and change the database to the CaliberRDM database. Enter the following:

ALTER LOGIN crdm_user WITH PASSWORD = 'mynewpassword';

Where "crdm_user" is the CaliberRDM SQL username and "mynewpassword" is the new password to be set.

Execute the query.

2. On the CaliberRDM server navigate to the following filepath:
C:\Program Files\Microfocus\CaliberRDM\Bin

3. Double click on 'CRDMDBcfg.bat' to launch the configuration utiity.

4. Enter the new password in the textbox labelled "Password".

5. You will then be prompted to make sure that the CalibeRDM service is stopped, this should already be done therefore click ok.

6. The next screen should show that a successful connection was made between CalibeRDM and the SQL database.

7. You will then be prompted to restart the CaliberRDM services in the Windows service manager.

If everything has been successful you should now be able to log into CaliberRDM. If you can't or have experienced a problem following these steps, please log a support incident.
Incident #2515595