Created On:  03 November 2010


How do you change Header and Footer in OT document generation?


You will need to modify .dot file to keep Company logo in header and footer. The logo in the footer will remain in the first page after generating the document. From page 2 it will be your copyright logo and the date of creation in the footer.


1. Create a .dot document template through MSWord
2. Put company logo in the header or and footer in first page
3. From Microsoft word menu click on "Page Break"
4. It will create a new page (page #2)
5. Modify the footer in the page#2 for instance, your company logo, page number etc.
6. Launch Optimal Trace
7. Change the file location in the Options --> Document settings --> Advance -->  Style Template
8. Open a project
9. Click on Document Generation menu
10. You will see the Header and Footer has come as expected.
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