Created On:  19 January 2011


The Requirement Types in CaliberRM client are sorted and displayed in alphabetical order. Is there a way to change this order of display?


1. Login to CaliberRM client using an account belonging to CaliberRM Administrators group.

2. Access the 'Requirement Types' window through File | Admin | Requirement Types... .

3. Select a Requirement Type and click on the 'Edit ...' button to display a form for editing the attributes of the Requirement Type.

4. Rename the Requirement Type by adding a number prefix (01,02, etc.) to the name displayed in the Requirement Type field. 

5. Repeat the above two steps for all the requirement types. Note that a Requirement Type to be listed above another Requirement Type should be given a smaller number prefix. By doing so, you can set the display order of the Requirement Types according to your needs.

In the example shown below, '01. Business Requirement' will be displayed above '03. Functional Requirements'. And the latter is displayed above '10. User Requirements'.

Incident #2489652