Created On:  07 December 2010


Connecting to a new project created in Caliber via Team Define causes the following SPI exception:

spi.exceptions.PersistenceFailureException java.lang.RuntimeException: Caught Caliber.OBJECT_NOT_EXIST exception ... object should be reserved at this point and therefore it should not be possible that it has been removed.


This is caused due to the project not being initialized in CaliberRM. When you create a new project in CaliberRM you must initialize it by setting the appropriate requirement types via the CaliberRM client. To resolve the problem follow these steps:

1. After the project has been created open a CaliberRM client.

2. Open the newly created project.

3. From the requirement type list check Actors, Database, Images, Scenarios, Simulations and Templates.

4. Log into TeamDefine and you should now be able to add this new project.

In a future release of TeamDefine this error will report a more meaningful error so that the end user is aware that the project needs initialized.
Incident #2489773