Created On:  04 October 2011


Why am I getting the error "Connection to Borland CaliberRM failed" when integrating SilkCentral Test Manager with CaliberRM? 

When attempting to integrate SilkCentral Test Manager with CaliberRM you enter the CaliberRM server details in the Requirements Management Integrations section. You may then encounter the following error message when you click on "Test Connection".

You will also find the following entries in the Front-end server log file:

I;OV;2011-10-04;11:10:35;TM;caliber_connect;Connection to CaliberRM server "ukbed-tm-lab04" with user "admin" failed!
E;OV;2011-10-04;11:10:35;TM;caliber_connect;com.starbase.caliber.server.RemoteServerException: null
 nested exception is:
  org.omg.CORBA.TRANSIENT:   vmcid: 0x0  minor code: 0  completed: No  
 at com.starbase.caliber.Session.createCaliberManagerFactory(
 at com.starbase.caliber.Session.login(
 at com.starbase.caliber.Session.(
 at com.starbase.caliber.Session.(
 at com.starbase.caliber.server.CaliberServer.login(


The reason for this error is that the inbound connection on the CaliberRM server from SilkCentral Test Manager is being blocked on the CaliberRM server.

To resolve this you can either disable the Firewall on the CaliberRM server or create an exception in the Firewall to allow this connection.

You can setup this exception to work for either the Port 20001 or Program caliber_srv.exe which is located here: "%SystemDrive%\Borland\CaliberRMServer\Bin\caliber_srv.exe"

Now when you attempt to connect it should be successful.

Once this connection is successful, you can select the desired CaliberRM project, baseline and requirement types that you require. Then you can synchronize your CaliberRM project with your SilkCentral Test Manager project so the requirements are displayed in SilkCentral Test Manager.

Incident #2539704