Created On:  26 April 2011


How do you convert a pfx file to a cer file for use in the keystore in order to enable a secure connection for CaliberRDM?


CaliberRDM does not work out of the box with pfx files and it is therefore recommended to convert the file into a .cer file format. This allows you to import the certificate into the keystore. To do this you will can use the keystore explorer tool and follow these steps:

1. Using the tool (see link below) create a new keystore
2. Import the key pair (.pfx file)
3. Keep the naming for the “New Key Pair Entry Alias”, ie. whatever name the pfx is called already
4. Then right-click the pfx entry and choose ‘export certificate chain’ -  ensure PEM is checked
5. Then imported the certificate by browsing to wherever you just saved it
6. Keep the default alias if it has one
7. Then save keystore as a crdm .keystore (overwrite the existing one) in C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\CaliberRDM\bin
8. CaliberRDM should now be restarted and you should be able to access it via a secure port (e.g. https://localhost:11443/caliberrdm)

Keystore tool can be downloaded free from here: