Created On:  27 October 2010


Deleted users under Administrators group continue to receive email notifications sent to the Administrators group. An example of such email is when the database is running low on free space.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a user profile named User1
2. Add User1 under Adminstrators group
3. Delete User1 profile 
(Note: Delete user profile, not remove from Administrators group)
4. Load the CaliberRM database full so that an email notification will be sent to users under the Administrators group

Output: Users under Administrators group, including deleted users that used to be under Administrators group, receives an email notifying the recipient about the need to run 'dbmgr -addvol' to add more volumes for the database use.

Supposedly, only non-deleted users under Administrators group should receive email notifications from the CaliberRM server.


The workaround for this is to remove users from the Administrator group before deleting the user profile.
Incident #2466250