Created On:  07 February 2012


How do you disable the security for all projects in CaliberRM at the same time?


Using the IVQL tool it is possible to disable security on all projects within the CaliberRM client. Please see steps below:

1.       Unzip the IVQL tool* to the root drive of your CaliberRM server machine
2.       Logon to the CaliberRM server as the versant database owner. (You can find the database owner by opening a command prompt and running: ‘dblist’. The creator will be the DB owner)
3.       Navigate to the location you have saved the IVQL tool and run: ivql @. For example if you have the default database name and you are running IVQL locally: ivql SQMDB@localhost   
4.       Now run the following command to remove the security across all projects: UPDATE RequirementProject_v300_p SET security_disabled =1
5.       And commit the changes by running: commit
6.       Quit IVQL and restart the database services via: dbmgr –stop & dbmgr –start

Now when you login with the CaliberRM client the security will be disabled for all projects.

*Please contact support quoting this KB article for a copy of the IVQL tool and to discuss any CaliberRM security issues with performing such operations.