Created On:  26 April 2012


How do you enable integrations to more than one CaliberRM project at a time?


Please download the IntegrationManager application from either of the following locations: (American FTP)  (European FTP)

When you have unzipped the IntegrationManager application, double click on the IntegrationManager.jar file to run it.

When it first loads you see the login screen:

Input your Server name or ip address, username and password for CaliberRM and click the login button.  The Integration functionality is now enabled.

Click the "Load Projects" button first to display all the projects in your CaliberRM database.  You can select multiple projects from the projects list box.  Next click the "load integrations" button to display the integrations available to the projects.  Again you can select multiple integrations from the integrations list box.  After you have selected your projects and integrations, click the "Set Integrations" button to enable those integrations for your selected projects.  These changes will be reflected in the CaliberRM administrator.